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Best Tips For Archero Where To Farm Weapons



Best Tips For Archero Where To Farm Weapons

Archero is one of the most popular games that have recently come up on android and it’s become one of the best games ever and it is. The gameplay and the strategy style of Archero makes it so unique and fun to play. With the involvement of powerups like Multi Arrow and Attack Boost and many others that you get after clearing every floor is really unique. What’s even more interesting is the fact that you get random 3 power ups to choose from.

The next thing about Archero is equipments and this is what makes Archero one of the Most innovative games of 2019. Equipments in Archero have certain abilities, stats and features that makes it very different from each other. From here you can actually form your own strategy to use complementing equipments and weapons to make the best use of them and get the most out of them.

Currently, there are only 6 weapons in the game and they all have their pros and cons. They are:

  • Brave Bow
  • Tornado
  • Saw Blade
  • Death Scythe
  • Staff
  • Brightspear

Farming these weapons can be a nightmare if you do not spend gems and that is really unfortunate. However, if you really wish to have a particular strategy where you can farm weapons easily and get more items then here are some of the best ways to farm weapons in Archero.

1. Flying Bullets Farming Trick

Flying Bullets is basically a bonus event in Archero with 20 floors of monsters that are fairly easy to kill. The level and difficulty of monsters depend upon your main level also. But what’s unique in this events is that you can get upto 5 items from this events which can really help you in your farming venture. Also, in this events the drops from monsters are highly boosted so you will also get other items like scrolls and sapphires too.

Firstly, the event happens every 48 hours so in a day you are able to play the event 2 times. It will cost you around 5 lightning lights and the monsters have average difficuilty.

Here’s the trick to farming in this event.

Most of the time, if you just run through the floors and defeat your enemies, it is seen that you will only get upto 3 items drops. Minimum you will get is 1 and the Maximum amount that you can get is 5.

However, you can exploit a small glitch that enables you to get all the five item drops.

This is how you do it:

  • Firstly, get through the first five floors.
  • Next when you reach the 7th floor, you should get an item drop.
  • If you don’t get an item drop, don’t kill the last enemy in the 7th floor. Instead, close the game at 7th floor keeping the last enemy alive.
  • Reopen Archero.
  • You will find that when you reopen Archero, the 7th Floor is going to get a reset and you will have to start all over again. This means that you will have the kill the enemies again and they will drop another set of items.
  • You can use this exploit to increase your chances of getting items from floors.
  • Do the same thing for other floors if you don’t get a item.
  • If you are having trouble understanding the exploit, watch a video by a Archero Gamer below.

2. Farming Chapter 6

It is kind of seen that Chapter 6 has one of the highest drop rates of items. It may not be higher than 4 or 5 but you are guaranteed with at least 1 item.

This is one of the best ways to farm weapons in Archero. After comparing drop rates of items from other chapters such as Chapter 8, Chapter 7 and Chapter 9, I found that Chapter 6 had the highest drop rate dropping at least 3 to 4 items, compared to other chapters that dropped only 1 to 2 items.

Also if you have passed chapter 7 then you must be at a very high level. This is a great opportunity to farm because Chapter 6 becomes easy to run through when you are at a high level.

3. Don’t spend your gems.

If you are new to Archero, I insist that you do not spend your gems at all cost. Because gems is one of the fastest ways to get items and weapons in Archero and sadly it takes money to get gems therefore, if you are just in Chapter 1 or 2, you must be having a good amount of gems. Don’t spend them.

As you progress through the game and Chapters, you will start getting gems from chapters and upon my knowledge, you can gain upto atleast 100 to 150 gems per chapter and by the time you are at chapter 10, you could have atleast 1000 gems in your pocket just from chapter rewards.

Now the aim is to collect at least 10,000 gems and buy golden chests to get rewards. It is said that Golden Chests have more value and are much cheaper than Obsidian Chests.

4. Make the best use of Daily Rewards and Season Rewards.

in Archero, every 24 hours, you get a golden Chest, make the best use of that. At the same time, you also get Season rewards and you should complete all of them as they will give you additional chest keys that you can use to get items.

Overall, I know this is a very slow process but something is better than nothing and if you play the long game, you are getting about 30 golden chests in a month which is not that bad.

5. Use a proper gem strategy

Gems are the engine that runs Archero. It’s the currency that can speed up your progress or slow it down. However, if you have a lot of gems which you have saved over the course of you game, use it very wisely.

After my research on reddit and may other Archero sources on YouTube, I’ve found out that Obsidian chests have less value compared to Golden Chests.

Golden Chests – The chance of dropping a Great item is 30% and Common item is 30%

Obsidian Chests: The chance of dropping a Great item is 50%, Rare item is 20% and Epic Item is only 6%.

After comparing several stats and other figures. I ‘ve found out that if you want to save your gems and get the most out of it. Golden chests have a great value because the chances of dropping a great item from Golden chests is only 30% which if we compare it with Obsidian chests is 50%.

Golden Chests first cost you 60 gems and then it will cost you 50 gems so for 50 gems if you can get a great item is very cheap. However, for 300 gems, if you get a Great item or even a Rare item can be very expensive.

For a great item, golden chests costs will be 50 gems.

For a great item in Obsidian chest, it will cost 300 gems. Even if you get a rare item in these chests, it will be cheaper in Golden chest as it will only cost 150 gems in Golden chest. Of Course if you get a epic, it is then valuable but because of the chance rate which is only 6%, it makes no sense.