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Borderlands 3: All Circle of Slaughter Locations



Borderlands 3: All Circle of Slaughter Locations

Circles of Slaughter in Borderlands 3 is a game mode which is very interesting and challenging. In the mode, you face off 5 enemy rounds where in each round, they get stronger and more challenging.

Something like waves, and in each wave, your skill sets and your guts gets challenged. There are basically 3 Circles of Slaughter in the game. The locations of which, I will be sharing with you in this guide. They are normally marked as side missions in the game.

1. Cistern of Slaughter

Location: Meridian Metroplex, Promethea

The first one is called the Cistern of Slaughter. It is located right in the Middle of the Meridian Metroplex region.

First fast travel to the Meridian Metroplex region and go to the Watershed Base.

From there take a car and head towards the middle of the map. When you reach there, you will see an underground ramp leading downwards. Move towards that point and you will reach the “Gate of Cistern of Slaughter”.

2. The Slaughter Shaft

The Slaughter’s Shaft is Located in the Konrad’s Hold on Pandora. So, you will need to navigate to Pandora from Sanctuary and then go to Konrad’s Hold. It is also one of the late locations of the game, when you play the final chapters of the game.

Now return to that location and go along the route until the very end. You should find the entrance to the “Gate of The Slaughter Shaft”.

3. Slaughterstar 3000

The Slaughterstar 3000 is a hard one as you need to know the location of a particular area. The circle is located in the Planet of Nekrotafeyo. This area is actually pretty difficult to find as it pops up on your mini-map only when you get close to the location. The circle is located in the Desolation’s Edge Region, so take reference from the above and move around the area until you find a pop up for The Slaughterstar 3000. Once you find the quest, it’s pretty much done, all you need to do is to head back to your Drop Pod, The Slaughterstar 3000 location will added to your fast travel locations.