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Call of Duty: Warzone Player Gets Revenge on Hacker using a Special Anti-Cheat Loadout

A clever Call of Duty players shows off his strategy to battle with hackers.




The reason why these days, Games like Call of Duty: Warzone and Counter Strike: GO has been really frustrating to play is due to hackers and cheaters. They are everywhere and they have been ruing the entire Call of Duty gaming experience. Even for a big game like Call of duty: Warzone, hacking and cheating has been a very common activity and thousands of players have reported such cases.

Just last week, Raven banned more than 50,000 flagged accounts that were guilty of cheating and hacking. However, even this announcement is not enough to stop the horde of cheaters cheating in the Call of Duty game. The reason being, once banned, cheaters can easily create a new account and repeat their hacking spree and destroy the gaming experience of other players. Due to this, the Call of Duty community is extremely frustrated with cheaters and demand for stronger protection procedures.

The problem is even after these bans, the hacking issue has only gotten worse. Aimbotting, wall hacking, going invisible, you name it. And there is no doubt, this is insanely frustrating, especially, if you are a very good Call of Duty player. Many players have actually completely stopped playing Call of Duty: Warzone due to this specific reason. While, the Good Call of Duty Players are not just keeping silent either and we are extremely happy to hear that. They have stepped up against the hackers and voiced their frustration.

In one case, the community stood up against one hacker where a Call of Duty Lobby united to take down a hacker using an Aimbot during a livestream. While, many other players have upped their stakes in the fight against hackers as one of the fans used a Anti-Cheat Loadout to punish the hackers.

That brings us to a Reddit user named, SyN7w. He shares his success story of overcoming hackers in the Reddit Forum.

He first realized that the other player who killed him was a hacker when the hacker shot him from a long distance that seemed pretty impossible for a kill. After which, he planned out a strategy to takedown the hacker.

What he did was, he used a Loadout drop to switch to a Riot Shied. He somewhat guessed the cheaters location and went towards it. When he finally managed to locate the cheater, he used a thermite and threw it towards him. This burned the cheater to death. Luckily, he had the Riot Shield which blocked most of the bullets from the cheater. Thus, justice for the cheater.

After checking on his stats, he found that the cheater had a 30 kills streak which was five times more than the next nearest player. He was also just level 6 and was clearing the lobby incredibly fast. This means cheating was definitely going on.

The player SyN7W got lots of praises from the community but also realized that the Call of Duty game is now a broken game and unless, some strong action or security measures come up, its going to be a frustrating experience to play Call of Duty.