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Combination Code for the Workshop Lock In Resident Evil Village



Combination Code for the Workshop Lock

Workshop safe is a pretty decent loot you can find in the game. It contains the M1911 Pistol and a Jack Handle. The the location of the loot is inside the Workshop. If you check the map, you will find a location called “Luiza’s House” right on the east side of the map from West old town.

Getting to the Workshop

The Workshop is located just near the Luiza’s House. If you check the map, you will see red house block, that is where the loot is located.

However, once you reach the location, you will find a poster saying “DO NOT ENTER”. The door to the entrance is also locked. Many players now get confused as they move around the village trying to find the key to the entrance door.

Ironically, you just need to shoot at the lock and the lock to the entrance door of the Workshop will break. That’s how simple it is to enter the door. I mentioned this because the same thing had happened with me, I moved around the entire village, until I accidentally shot the lock and it opened.

Workshop lock code combination

Once you enter the Workshop, you will need to go the small house room inside the workshop. Inside there, you will find a safe which is apparently locked. The lock code to the safe is actually pretty interesting and easy to find.

combination code for workshop lock

Turn towards your right and you will see a window where some numbers are written on it. Also, a zombie might come and attack you before entering the house and also when you look at the window.

Kill the zombie and note down the codes ” 07 04 and 08″.

combination code for workshop lock

Now to unlock the combination code for the Workshop Lock, enter the code “07 04 08” in the lock and the lock will open. Yes, that’s it, the safe open and you will find some pretty decent loot out there.

What’s inside the Workshop Safe Lock?

Inside the loot, you will find a pretty useful pistol called M1911 which is good one. I wouldn’t say it’s a great legendary piece of weapon but it’s definitely better than the current pistol you will own in the game. Additionally, you also get a Jack Handle.