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You’d Be Surprised To Know These Top 15 Famous Game Voice Actors



Famous Game Voice Actors

From the famous “Pika Pika Pikachu” to the person behind the Voice of the legendary game called ” Grand Theft Auto: Vice City “, these are some really surprising people who voiced for some of the best games that we have played today.

Here are the Top 15 Famous Gaming Voice Actors who voiced some of the famous games that we play today.

1. Samuel L. Jackson

Not Johnson but Jackson, yes this amazing celebrity actor actually had a role in voicing one of the most famous games that we’ve spend hours and hours of gaming on. That is GTA: San Andreas, that’s correct. Although he prefers FPS shooter games more but when it came to voicing GTA San Andreas, he was very interested to put his voice in the game.

You will be surprised to know that he was not voicing as Ballas or any of the Grove street members, instead, he was given a role as Officer Tenpenny in San Andreas, to which he was more than happy take part in. Infact, his character became Number 87 on IGN Entertainment’s 2010 list of the “Top 100 Videogame Villains.” Jackson’s voice helped place Officer Tenpenny to come on the list; as the article stated, “his baritone absolutely drips with evil.

2. Dennis Hopper

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is surely a game that we’ve played for ages and it’s a game that is older than many new age gamers here. Featuring the voices of Burt Reynolds and Gary Busey, Hopper’s character, Steve Scott, is a producer-director of pornographic films in GTA:Vice City. You may have known that lustful guy who’s holding a lens all the time.

Scott is apparently an anger-prone spoof of Steven Spielberg, who screams lines like, “Cut!! Who is this idiot? You! You! Why are you in my space?” If you don’t want to play through Vice City in order to hear Hopper, you can listen to his not-safe-for-work voice acting on YouTube.

3. Nolan North

The voice Desmond Miles that you often see and hear in Assassin Creed series is no other than Nolan North. He has voiced several other AAA game titles like Batman Arkham Series and even in the Uncharted games. If you are wondering if he was the main Batman’s voice in Arkham Series, then actually he was the villain Penguin. His prolific voice made him mold to any character that he was given, and not only that, he was also the protagonist in the Saints Row Game Series.

4. Steve Blum

Steve Blum has one of the voice acting industry’s most unique voices. His smooth and deep voice brought characters like Spike Spiegel from anime. He has also played several roles in video games, including Sub-Zero in Mortal Kombat and Final Fantasy VII’s Vincent Valentine.

5. Yuri Lowenthal

A game like Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Castlevania are some of the most popular and legendary games played by gamers at least once in their lifetime. But did you know the person behind the voices of all of these games. Yuri Lowenthal played some of the most exciting roles being the main character Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Insomniac’s Spider-Man, Marth from Fire Emblem plus Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Alucard from Castlevania. If anyone knows him, he is an actor to be well admired and respected.

6. Jen Taylor

If there’s one thing for which we have to admire Jen Taylor for, it’s her variety of characters that she’s voiced in games. Halo fans will recognize and respect her for voicing Cortana, a companion of Master Chief, but she has also voiced the famous Princess Peach.

7. Jennifer Hale

If the queen of voice acting for video games was in a category, Jennifer Hale takes the crown without a single doubt. You know the name and you know the roles therein. For some video games like Kingdom Hearts like Cinderella and Aurora, she’s voiced two Disney Princesses, and the one and only female Commander Shephard from the Mass Effect series.

She not only has an impressive range, but she is probably the best voice actress in video gaming. We should expect more roles form her being incredibly talented voice actress, with recent roles including Kronika from Mortal Kombat 11 and Ashe from Overwatch.

8. Richard Epcar

Fans of Kingdom Hearts, you know this actor of voice like the back of your hand. Richard Epcar is a phenomenal voice actor who puts his performances through a lot of hard work and you can tell from his performances whether they’re serious or comedic.

He has also taken the role of the Joker in the games of Injustice other than Ansem from Kingdom Hearts. He’s also performed the Raiden of Mortal Kombat, the Akuma of Street Fighter and many more. If he is to get cast in games of the future, you’ll recognize the voice and how great his voice acting is.

9. Troy Baker

Troy Baker has been the face of many male voice artists in recent years. He first rose to fame as the tortured Booker DeWitt in BioShock Infinite, and then played Joel in the critically acclaimed and commercially successful, The Last of Us.

He’s also a musical composer and has worked on the much-loved original soundtracks of the Silent Hill game.

10. Keith David

Keith David is all over the place. His booming voice is all over the world, from movies to advertisements, but most importantly as Captain Anderson in all the Mass Effect games, as well as Vice President Keith David in Saints Row IV and as the Arbitrator featured in Halo 2.

No matter how low the volume is, when Keith talks, the room is booming with bass.

11. Tara Strong

Tara Strong has a wide range of works, from Final Fantasy X-2 and, indeed, as Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. However her most recognized and successful work is being Harley Quinn in the Arkham series, putting the perfect combination of humor and madness together in a single unmistakable character.

12. Patrick Stewart

Among George Takei and Patrick Stewart, the Star Trek alums are blowing the other A-listers out of the water when it comes to video game voice acting. Stewart’s voice appears to be tailor-made for voiceover jobs, and it’s no surprise that his success in video games has been stable since the early 1990s. Its versatility does not hurt either.

Following a variety of Star Trek and X-Men video games, he moved on to record the opening sequence for Lego Universe.

Stewart is not fond of gaming himself, but not that he’s frowning on the idea. He said to Frontline, “I have an aggressive personality. I’ve got a ton of cards, [but] I’ve never taken off the covers, because I know like once I do, I’m done.

13. Kiefer Sutherland

Keifer Sutherland, star of the show 24 TV series, took on the famous David Hayter as Snake’s voice in Metal Gear Solid V. Although that created an uproar from fans of the game, Keifer Sutherland ended up performing an admiral job as Snake’s voice.

Sutherland not only voiced snake in the video game, but also wore the facial technologies to render the facial expressions as similar as possible to real life. That’s why Snake appears to look a little like the actor in the video game.

Sutherland did not identify himself as a gamer, but he feels proud to voice a character with such a legendary legacy. 

14. Joanna Roth

For too many reasons, Joanna Roth’s portrayal of the powerful warrior Aveline Vallen was extremely enjoyable in Dragon Age 2. Vallen’s laugh is not just funny with Isabela and Sebastian, but reflects her unyielding assertiveness. And she never hesitates to show her freedom and at once can quickly challenge several enemies. Roth brought Vallen to life and captured the knack of the warrior for battle.

15. Young Maylay

Without Young Maylay’s performance, CJ’s underdog to a good Kingpin narration would have been less impressive. Maylay took pains to express it in the dialogue, as CJ went his way. He caught CJ’s submission and concerns about restoring power and protecting his brother. At the end of the game Maylay talked positively of his business partners and his colleagues, while retaining a certain degree of modesty. That is why we all recall CJ and its importance in the GTA universe alongside his funny moments (when CJ was too close to burning the truth’s “proof” and his misadventures with Catalina).

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