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Fortnite X Marvel: The Ghost Rider Cup




Just when they thought Fortnite couldn’t get any more exciting, the Marvel league came to prove them wrong. The all-new Marvel Fornite battles are too good to miss.

As the fourth season of Fornite’s 2nd chapter arrived, they thought to take it to some heroic level and introduced the Marvel world and their most notorious heroes and anti-heroes to the Fortniters. New locations, comical attires, and massive knockouts are some of this season’s highlights so far.

The Ghost Rider Cup

The Ghost Rider Cup is the second installment of the four Marvel Knockout Series. The Ghost Rider Cup will be portraying the character of Marvel’s antihero Johnny Blaze aka Ghost Rider.

If you do not know about the character, then Ghost Rider was a lonesome bike rider who dealt with the devil to save his father’s life. His mission was to deliver the evil souls to the devil. He used to wear a black jacket and jeans with his skull on fire.

The Ghost Rider Cup is scheduled to be played on the 4th of November, 2020. The user can play it on the Trios mode. There are some rules and regulations for Ghost Rider Cup that you must follow.

First of all, your Fortnite account must not be lower than Level 30; otherwise, you would not be able to compete. Secondly, the Fortnite 2FA or two factors authentication is turned on.

Make your Marvel teams before entering the battle as the “Fill” option would be unavailable during the battle.

After fulfilling these critical requirements, now navigate the Marvel Knockout LTM or Trios mode on the 4th of November, 2020, to join the game.

For joining the battle, move towards the “Compete Tab” in your Fortnite lobby and find your Ghost Rider Cup details. If there’s time still left for the launch, the game will notify you of the remaining time in your local time.

Note: Now is the chance. Excel into this competition to win the Nexus Glider and other cool Marvel skins for your avatar.

How To Unlock The Ghost Rider Skin?

How To Unlock The Ghost Rider Skin

The Daredevil Skin was available for free to those who played and excelled in the previous Daredevil Cup. Fortnite will make the same policy for the Ghost Rider Cup and provide the free Ghost Rider Skin to the top teams.

In case you don’t do well in the Ghost Rider Cup, there is still hope for you as there is a possibility that Epic games will make the Ghost Rider Skin available to the top 100-800 players in every region.

What’s Next?

The Marvel Super Knockout Tournament has been the center of attention for all Fortnite. This epic battle episode still has three more battles to fight on November 11, 18, and 21.

The 21st November’s duo Super Cup will be the finale of this Marvel Fortnite series concluding the chapter and earning a whopping Million dollars to the team winning it. 

More Marvel superheroes are yet to be introduced, and the public is going crazy over who will win the battle. Stay tuned!