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Genshin Impact New Character Kamisato Ayaka in the 2.0 Update

Genshin Impact New Character Kamisato Ayaka Coming up in the new 2.0 Update




There has been lots of Character additions to the game, Genshin Impact over the course these two years. This time, Genshin Impact has released a new trailer where a new character is going to join the Genshin Impact Family. Her name is Kamisato Ayaka.

The trailer gives a brief introduction to the new character. It shows us her story, personality and her love for painting and calligraphy. She seems to be the eldest daughter of a particular clan, the name of the clan which we do not know yet. Her real identity is hidden from all and all that we know from her appearance is that she is the user of the Cyro element and the master of the sword.

From my research, she is a Princess from a Japan-inspired region. She has a brother named Kamisato Ayato who have divided their responsibilities of running the clan between them. In the trailer, she talks about how she has to attend her duties. Apart from her love for painting and calligraphy, he also loves to drink tea.

There is not much information given on her style of Gameplay. But we do know that she is a 5 star cryo character who has abilities named, Soumetsu, Hyouka, and Senho.

  • Soumetsu ability basically summons a snowstorm that continuously attacks and slashes enemies that get near to it.
  • Hyouka ability summons a boulder of ice from the ground that deals AoE damage to the enemies.
  • Senho ability surrounds her in a fog of misty air that increases her movement speed and applies Cyro element effect to the enemies.

Surprisingly, for the hardcore Genshin Impact fans, they have already been introduced to Kamisato Ayaka back in 2019. She was actually a playable character in closed beta test. She is definitely one of the most expected characters in Genshin Impact and many fans have been waiting for her release. Even her combat style seems to be very skillful and effective in battles.

I think, the Genshin Impact 2.0 update is going to be very interesting with Kamisato Ayaka. Various other new features are also coming with the major update and lots of rewards and new quests. The Genshin Impact 2.0 update will soon be released this July.

If you haven’t played Genshin Impact, be sure to try it out. It’s available on PC, Mobile, Console and Nintendo Switch.