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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How Do You Make Elixirs in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom?



How do you make Elixirs in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Elixirs are one of the features that have come back from Zelda: Breath of the Wild series and in Tears of the Kingdom, you can do a hell lot with them. From stamina boosts to increasing your toughness or even helping you climb slippery walls. There are so many use cases of Elixirs in Tears of the Kingdom. In this article, we are going dive deeper into the topic of Elixirs and how to make one in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

How are Elixirs made in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom?

Elixirs are crafted by collecting and cooking various ingredients, monster parts and critters. I have collected some ingredients, defeated some monsters and got some monster parts. But What exactly are critters you may ask?Critters are essentially rare bugs, butterflies, or frogs that you occasionally or frequently come across. You may even have some in your inventory right now!.

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By mixing different ingredients, bugs, critters, and monster parts, you can get elixirs that can boost your abilities. An example can include having an 4 to 8 extra set of temporary hearts, increasing your swimming speed, having an extra or two set of stamina bars, gaining elemental resistance and so much more.

In fact, if you some elixirs also helps you in combat by giving you defence bonuses.

To make an Elixir in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll first need a Cooking pot or a portable cooking pot from Zonai devices. Finding one is a no big deal as, you can find them all over Hyrule. They can be found in stables, villages but if you are nowhere near those places, you can easily take out a Zonai Portable Pot for crafting Elixirs.

Zonai Portable Pots can be acquired from Zonai Device Dispensers. All you need to do is spend some Zonai charges and you get a bunch of random Zonai Devices.

If you hold 5 Zonai charges and spend them, you get the maximum amount of Zonai devices.

However, one thing to note is that, a Zonai Portable Pot can only be used once.

Once you near a cooking pot, simply hold the items required for making an elixir and cook them in the cooking pot. You should get an elixir depending upon what bugs, critters or monster parts you’ve used in as an ingredient.

Keep in mind that, the more items you use where the max is 5, the more potent the Elixir becomes and the duration too.

Also, never use a Zonai part as the result will be a Dubious food.

Why use Elixirs in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom?

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, elixirs can be extremely helpful in various situations. From exploration to combat and defeating bosses.

Zelda is a game with various uncertainties like the climate can change anytime to thunderstorms, you may run out of arrows or getting to some high terrain places can be very difficult. In those situations, an elixir can be a life saver.

While most elixirs do not heal you, there are some that completely heals you and also provides you with extra temporary hearts.

All Elixirs in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and their Benefits

ImageElixirIngredients & Benefits
Mighty_ElixirMighty ElixirIngredients: Bladed Rhino Beetle + Monster parts
Benefits: Grants Attack Boost to all Weapons. Increases your Might.
Hasty_ElixirHasty ElixirIngredients: Hot-Footed Frog or Hightail Lizard + Monster parts
Benefits: Grants Movement Speed Increase. Duration depends upon the number of Ingredients used.
Chilly_ElixirChilly ElixirIngredients: Cold Darner or Winterwing Butterfly + Monster parts
Benefits: Grants Cooling effect to your body providing Heat resistance. Important item while exploring desserts and places with high climatic temperatures.
Enduring_ElixirEnduring ElixirIngredients: Tireless Frog + Monster parts
Benefits: Grants temporary stamina wheel and also restores your stamina.
Energizing_ElixirEnergizing ElixirIngredients: Restless Cricket + or Energetic Rhino Beetle
+ Monster parts

Benefits: Restores your Stamina and restoration amount depends upon the number of ingredients used for crafting.
Sneaky_ElixirSneaky ElixirIngredients: Sunset Firefly + Monster parts
Benefits: Increases your Stealth which allows you to move quietly without getting noticed by enemies.
Spicy_ElixirSpicy ElixirIngredients: Summerwing Butterfly + or Warm Darner + Monster parts
Benefits: Grants cold resistance, useful in snowy mountains where the temperature is very low.
Tough_ElixirTough ElixirIngredients: Rugged Rhino Beetle + Monster parts
Benefits: Grants toughness and defence boost. An essential elixir when facing 1-hit KO enemies.
Bright-ElixirBright ElixirIngredients: Deep Firefly + Monster parts
Benefits: Illuminates your surroundings, a good elixir when exploring caves or Hyrule Depths.
Electro_ElixirElectro ElixirIngredients: Thunderwing Butterfly or Electric Darner + Monster parts
Benefits: Grants electric resistance. A good elixir to use against enemies with electric attacks.
Fireproof_ElixirFireproof ElixirIngredients: Fireproof Lizard + Smotherwing Butterfly + Monster parts
Benefits: Provides you with the benefit of not catching fire. A useful item when exploring Death Mountain.
Sticky-ElixirSticky ElixirIngredients: Sticky Lizard + or Sticky Frog + Monster parts
Benefits: Grants Slip resistance which helps you climb rocks that are slippery due to rain or water.
Hearty_ElixirHearty ElixirIngredients: Hearty Lizard + Monster parts
Benefits: Restores your Health to full and grants additional hearts which are temporary.
Fairy_TonicFairy TonicIngredients: Fairy
Benefits: Doesn’t have any special effects but the fairies promises you with the restoration of 7 full hearts.

Understanding Ingredients for Elixirs

Mixing different Ingredients and cooking them in the cooking pot creates elixirs for you in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The beauty of the game here is that you are not just limited to mixing one set ingredients to get an elixir. You can experiment with different ingredients that produce the same kind of elixir.

For example, to get an Hearty Elixir, you need a Hearty Lizard and some Monster Parts. However, you can also get the same elixir using Hearty Truffle.

There are three essential parts when we talk about Ingredients for Elixirs in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.


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Critters are essentially all the lizards, butterflies, frogs, bugs that you find in the Kingdom of Hyrule. They are often found in caves, ponds or grass and when you spot them, they can disappear very quickly. So, be sure to grab them as soon as you find one.

There are various varieties of critters with frogs, lizards having different types that offer you with different abilities like stamina restoration, heat resistance and much more.


Bugs are also pretty much critters but they are in a different category as bugs include butterflies, crickets and dragonflies and many others. Beetles are very valuable as they offer attack boost. As you keep exploring more and more, you’ll find many bugs so make sure to collect them.

Monster Parts

Monster Parts are obtained by defeating different monsters in Hyrule. Often times bosses drop valuable parts that can be used in making elixirs. Depending upon which type of monster you defeat, they will drop items that provides various effects.

Using Elixirs in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Elixirs as we know are very useful in the game. You never know when you’ll run out of stamina or come across challenging caves where you’ll definitely need some type of elixir.

One of the most challenging places in Hyrule is the Hyrule Depths. It’s completely dark out there when you are first exploring it, and when you find enemies, it’s gets even more difficult because their attacks cause a negative effect to your hearts which cannot be recovered.

Before going to Hyrule depths, players got to be equipped to be strong weapons, sufficient food and especially Elixirs.

While you are in mid Hyrule, you will come across caves which have very slippery surfaces. Lots of water but don’t worry, this is the time to use Sticky Elixir. Cook a Sticky Frog or Sticky Lizard and add a random monster part to create this elixir.