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Destiny 2 has released the 5th week season challenges, giving players a chance to win XP, Bright dust, and other goods by completing the given Triumphs. 5th-week challenges are time-consuming but the best thing is that they award 4 times more XP.

In the 5th week, you will have to earn Salvager Salvo Grenade, Masterwork an armor piece, and earn five Infamy ranks in Gambit. These challenges could take days to complete but don’t worry because you can complete them anytime throughout the season.  

In this article, we will be especially discussing about how to complete Graven Scrawl Challenge, what does it require, and its rewards.

Where Can I View Seasonal Challenges?

Seasonal challenges can be viewed from the Season 13 tab or from the Quests tab. Select the ribbon which says “Seasonal Challenges” to claim and view Seasonal challenges.

What’s A Retroactive Challenge?

Some challenges are called Retroactive because their progress is tracked even if they are not available. Due to this, at any point during the season when you will complete the necessary criteria of the challenge, that challenge will be marked as completed. The most prominent example of a Retroactive challenge is Graven Scrawl.

Graven Scrawl

The Graven Scrawl challenge requires you to investigate the cryptic notes that are left in the captain’s log and in reward you will get XP for completing these challenges. The Graven Scrawl challenge objectives are Retroactive which means that they can be complete at any point in the season.

What are Captain’s logs in Graven Scrawl?

In this season you have to complete presage missions also called cryptic notes once a week and upon completing your first weekly presage captain log are given and these are exclusive lore collectible.

What Does “Cryptic Notes Followed” Mean?

After completing the Presage mission you will be asked in the quest objective to claim the lore entries. For claiming them, in the character screen go to the Triumphs tab where you will see the lore tab on the right side of your screen as the ribbon; click it. 

After that you will be directed to a new screen, on the top left of your screen click on the third tab called “The Darkness”. In that tab you will see the Captain Log at the last lore entry, click it; after that at the bottom of the screen, you will see multiple lore entries with a plus icon on them click on any one of them. This will grant progress for this Triumph by claiming lore pages.

How to unlock Captain’s Logs for Graven Scrawl objectives in Destiny 2

Within Presage, by gathering Captain’s logs will help you to complete the objectives of the Graven Scrawl weekly challenge in which you will have to find the 3 cryptic notes.

On completion of each Presage for the 1st time, Captain’s logs are dropped automatically. In simple words, after completing the Presage for the 2nd time, you will get your first Captain log. Also, it gives you a dead man tale drop from the first random roll.

In this season of Density 2, every week new Captain logs are added which means that players should complete the Presage every week for getting progress and adding a new chapter in the Captain log.  

On the Presage for future Play Captain logs also open smuggling compartments. The compartments are the doors that are locked before but by finding tablets dotted all over the ship, these doors can be opened. Each smuggling compartment is linked to some specific Captain log; these are opened in the sequence and are available for access on your playthrough.

In Short, Smuggling compartments and Captain Logs work like:

  • 1st Captain Log will unlock on the 2nd Presage completion.
  • Every week you will get a new Captain Log, but if you want to obtain all captain logs you will have to finish Presage every week.
  • On the Presage, you will be allowed to open a new smuggling compartment for each Captain log you will collect. 

Even though you will automatically get Captain Logs, you will still need to energetically locate each smuggling compartment because they are opened by finding the tablet and then opening the chest which is inside it.

Destiny 2 Smuggling Compartment Week 5 location

  • If you want to find the location of the smuggling compartment of week 5, first you will have to go to the previous smuggling compartment. 
  • After that jump out from that location and go forward; there you will find the electrified walls to the sides and open part of the hanger.
  • Before you go out after jumping in the hanger, you will see a door on your left side.
  • Take that door and enter in the room, after that go to the left side.
  • You will have to find the tablet which you will scan
  • After finding the tablet you will see the door on the left side; go inside where you will find the chest.