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Destiny 2

How to Get All the Salvager’s Salvo Ornaments in Destiny 2



Destiny 2 is becoming fiercer as the Season of the Chosen brought something that shocked the gamers – Weapons and Precious Ornaments.

The weapons will assist the players in battling the Cabal. We’ve heard that a new villainess, Empress Caiatl, has made a remarkable entry. Maybe it’s time to be aware of her powers too.

The best part is yet to come. The game also came with a new seasonal challenge linked with earning a weapon – a grenade launcher.

Unlocking this invaluable launcher wouldn’t be easy. You’ll have to complete some quests. These quests will come with their hazards, lots of kills, and hidden dangers.

But, on the brighter side, you’ll get ornaments. These are not mere ornaments, as they’ll help you change your weapon’s skin to match the Vanguard Strikes, Gambit, or Crucible. 

This grenade launcher, or “Salvager’s Salvo,” is a lethal weapon that will help you clear out your enemies. You can activate a chain reaction to kill more and more groups through explosions. Sounds fun, right?

So, let’s look at what quests we should do to earn these ornaments without further ado.

The Panacea Ornament – Vanguard Strikes

First of all, go towards Commander Zavala, who is residing in the Tower Courtyard. Go there and collect the quest from his Quest section.

The next part is to complete the objectives mentioned below:

  • More kills via the Grenade launcher.
  • Complete strikes and earn more points.

So, go forward and defeat your enemies with the help of your grenade launcher. More kills will earn you more bonuses.

To complete these objectives swiftly, run Nightfall Strikes at lower difficulties. The players should also try running a double loadout from their Grenade launchers. The players can also use their Witherhoard as it comes with its auto-loading catalyst to win more kills. You could also use the legendary Crowd Pleaser or Blast Battue, which proved to be epic from the Season of the Hunt.

Once your objectives are achieved, return to Zavala and collect your first ornament, Panacea. Gaining this ornament would conclude the 8th-week seasonal challenge – boosting your XP and awarding Bright Dust.

The Pyretic Ornament – Crucible

Once again, the players will have to return to the Tower Courtyard, and this time shall speak with Lord Shaxx and check his Quests sections. The Crucible challenge will unlock the Pyretic ornament, but the players have to complete these objectives first:

  • Earn 30 final blows from the Grenade Launcher.
  • Get six Valor ranks.

If you want to earn 30 kills, then you must change your killing strategy. The bonus progress can be achieved if the player gets multi-kills instead.

A double Grenade Launcher loadout will also help the players to get over this quest quickly.

The players can opt for Crucible matches to pair the Fighting Lion with their Grenade launcher. The Fighting Lion will give you a high ammo capacity to utilize to get through the kills – the ammo drops will provide you with instant multi-kills.

Players then need to play lots of Crucible matches to improve their Valor ranks. After that, return to Lord Shaxx and collect your ornament, XP, and Bright Dust.

The Toxicology Ornament – Gambit

Go to the Drifter down in the Tower Annex, collect the Gambit ornament quest from the quest section. The objects provided to obtain the Toxicology ornament will be as follows:

  • Earn hundred final blows from the Grenade Launcher.
  • Bank motes.

We’ve already discussed double and multi-kills through the Grenade Launcher – repeat the process. You can also use Witherhoard for that purpose.

As far as the banking motes are concerned, this one thing might trouble a bit. It would help if you played Gambit normally. Try to focus more on collecting the motes. The more you bank, the quicker you complete the quest.

Try to avoid invading and prepare yourself to hide from the invaders if you want to protect your motes. Once your killing spree gets over quickly, switch to Gambit.

After completing the final quest, return to Drifter and collect your Toxicology ornament. Gaining the toxicology ornament will end the hunt, and you will be awarded Bright Dust and XP.