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How To Get Better Aim with Controllers in Call of Duty Warzone



Getting better at aim in Call of Duty Warzone is probably the hardest challenge any player will face. In fact, one really has to master the aim if he really wants to progress through the game and reach higher ranks. Because once you reach a higher rank, there’s going to be players who have perfect aim, and will easily be able to kill you.

However, the problem here is that aiming with a mouse is much easier and I wouldn’t say that you will perfect your aim by using a mouse but it still makes reflexes, recoil control much easier to handle.

When it comes to playing with controllers, it gets difficult. Because if you are coming from the CS:GO family and you are used to using mouse and keyboard, playing controller for the first time can be a nightmare.

That’s the reason why settings for controllers are so important in Call of Duty Warzone.

Therefore, in this article, I have dedicated my time to help you become a pro in aiming. And trust me, you’ll see some good changes with your aiming skills and you’ll be surprised how such minor changes in some settings and some cool tips & tricks can really help you get more kills and win the game more often.

Without further ado, here we go!.

1. Reduce your sensitivity

It works like magic!

If you’re coming from the PC Counter-Strike GO family, I can totally understand the fact that you are used to using high sensitivity. There’s no doubt, I actually also used a very high sensitivity mouse settings while playing CS:GO in my PC. And it makes sense, CS:GO is fast paced and you have full control of the crosshair with your mouse. Especially with a gaming mouse, it’s actually easier to control any sensitivity with your mouse.

However, this doesn’t apply to controllers. If you are used to using high sensitivity settings in your controllers, that’s actually great because you now have a good hold of the controller settings at high sensitivity. But if you want pinpoint accuracy, try reducing the sensitivity of the joystick. I’d say you can use anything below 6.

This will obviously make some things slow and I can totally understand, especially you won’t be able to quickly reflex enemy attacks. But trust me, if you get used to low sensitivity, it will literally improve your recoil control, land you with better accuracy, and ultimately, you will be able to get kills more often.

It is also seen that most of the top players in Call of Duty actually use sensitivity settings below 6 or 5 and that really makes a huge difference in their gameplay. I have seen them play with weapons like AK-47 and M4A1 and when they shoot, it literally seems like their guns have no recoil at all. This is basically because of the low sensitivity that makes it really easier to control recoils and land on kills much faster.

2. Learn your weapons recoil pattern

It’s obvious but a game changer!

I am sure you have watched Call of Duty tournaments where the top players shoot with their weapons in a way that it seems like when they shoot, their gun just doesn’t have any recoil pattern. Their bullet goes straight while for us, why is it that it always gets hard recoil.

That’s because every weapon in Call of Duty has a specific recoil pattern and if you learn the recoil pattern, you can make slight adjustments while shooting to cover up the recoil from your weapon. If you master this technique, you can easily get upto 90% accuracy every single time no matter which weapon you use.

Some of the pro players learn the recoil pattern by only playing with a specific weapon all the time. This means that they don’t use any other weapon but just that specific weapon that they choose to learn and the result is that they are able to shooting enemies like a pro.

They get more kills, higher accuracy and more headshots.

3. Learn Pre-scoping.

It can make things much easier!

Pre-scoping is basically scoping at a target area where the enemy is most likely to appear. You are not going to shoot but you are just going to scope and watch that area and when the enemy comes, you shoot!.

If you make the habit of pre-scoping even if there is no enemy, it will really help your gameplay become better and it will also be easier for you to shoot as well as land on kills.

The reason is that what most players do is that they first find the enemy, then they scope and then they try to get the kill. This is fine but scoping takes away a second or so of your time, and maybe it’s doesn’t make any difference but when you are playing aggressively, you can literally get 3 to 5 kills in a row using pre-scoping as you are already pointing on the target, all you do is shoot kill.

4. Sniping trick

This can land you with an insane amount of accuracy every single time.

This sniping trick is especially for those who use controller as we know, sniping on a controller can be a nightmare. However, this tip can really help you become a master sniper because I use it all the time and I land on quick 3 to 5 kills every single time. Sometimes, it just feels like I have been using some hack but trust me, it’s just pure skill and most importantly knowledge and practice.

The mistake that most players make while sniping is that they scope and then follow the target. Many experienced players know this and yes, they don’t do it. Normally if you scope and follow the target, 90% of the time, you are going to miss the shot. Yes, unless the target stops.

However, the solution is to follow the target a little further, may be one block ahead and then try to shoot. This will help you land on sniper kills more often and if you get it right, you’ll just enjoy sniping. Because here, what you are doing is that you are sniping at a point that the target is most likely to come to and that way you land on kills more often.

But this is not the real trick. The real trick is to snipe a little further and when you hit the shot, you need to snipe towards the enemy from the point you were initially following that is a little further from the target.

I don’t why this works but it works similar in a way, that when you are striking a football, you kind of hit in a way that rotates the ball and makes it curve.

The same logic applies here.


These were some quick helpful tips to help you become better at aiming in Call of Duty Warzone. Hope it helps you become a better player and land on kills more often.

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