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How to Get Maestro’s Collection in Resident Evil Village?



The Maestro’s Collection is a great loot to find in Resident Evil Village. It contains the Steel Hraesvelgr, a collectible treasure, and a magazine upgrade for sniper rifle. If you have already purchased the upgrade for Sniper Rifle, then you will get 10,000 lei.

The Maestro’s collection is not really a part of the main quest in the game. Instead, it is just a location where you can find extra loot. The Maestro’s collection is found on the west side of the luthier’s house.

The step is the find the Luthier’s Key.

You will need to find the Luthier’s Key and that will be the key that will open the House of Maestro, where you will get the Maestro’s collection.

Finding the key is also pretty simple actually. You just need to navigate to the location called “Beneviento’s Treasure”, go there and you will find a house. Go inside the house and the Key will be located right on the table.

Location of Beneviento’s Treasure in the map.

The key will be located inside the house location on top of the table.

Once players pick up the Luthier’s Key, they can go back towards the village and go to the Luthier’s house. The house is located on the west side of the map.

Getting to Luthier’s House

The Luthier’s House is located just between the Madien’s War and Old West Town in the map. You check the map to help yourself navigate around the location as you move towards the house. Once you reach the house, the entrance will be on the left side. Move up the stairs and you will find a locked door with a note.

Here, you will need to use the Luthier’s Key to unlock the door. Once the door is unlocked, you can then enter the house and there’s still one more piece of puzzle you will need to solve.

Solving the Luthier’s Puzzle.

As you enter the house, you will notice a “Happy birthday” Poster and if you move further inside the house, you will find a box with 820 Lei coins. There, you will also see a Wardrobe which is essentially locked with a codelock.

It is inside this wardrobe, you will find the Masestro’s collection, however you will need to enter the code to unlock the code.

To solve the Luthier’s Puzzle and unlock the lock code, you will need to get back to the Happy Birthday Poster that you first saw on the wall, while entering the house. If you look closely at the poster, you will see a code written on it which is “2 7 0 9 1 7”. Enter the code “2 7 0 9 1 7” in the lock combination of the wardrobe and the lock will be opened.

That’s it, the locked will then be opened and inside that, you will find the Maestro’s Collection.

What’s inside the Maestro’s Collection?

The loot inside the Maestro’s Collection to be honest isn’t that exciting. You will find the Steel Hraesvelgr, and a nice upgrade to your Sniper rifle magazine upgrade. That could be really nice as we always need ammo on our Sniper Rifle. However, if you’ve already upgraded your Sniper Rifle, you will instead find 10,000 Lei coins.