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How to get Shiny Charm in Pokemon Sword & Shield?



Pokemon Sword & Shield is an amazing game, very fun and filled with all kinds of great gameplay mechanics. It’s always great to play, and you can check out all kinds of incredible ideas and things to explore. Which does bring the question, how can you get a Pokemon Sword & Shield shiny charm? As you can imagine, this can be a tad difficult, since it’s not exactly the simplest thing to do. But the cool thing is that once you learn how to do it, the charm can help boost your chances of getting those great, shiny pokemon.

Where can you find the Shiny pokemon?

Pokemon Sword & Shield added a region named the Crown Tundra, which is part of the expansion pass. The idea here is that you get a map that has more than 100 new Pokemons to the game. In case you want to get the shiny versions for the likes of Lugia, Hyogre or others, then you must ensure that you know where you can find the shiny charm. With that in mind, here are some tips and tricks that you need to keep in mind.

Complete the Pokedex

If you complete the Galar region pokedex, they will give you the shiny charm. This means you must capture and also register all the 400 pokemon in the game. Since some Pokemons are exclusive to Sword and some to Shield, it can be very difficult.

Basically, you have to trade Pokemon with people that have the other version. In case you have a hard time finding a Pokemon that’s in your game already, then you do want to check the entry and see where they reside most of the time.

You can also learn the weather conditions and locations they like the most. It will involve a lot of work, but it’s worth it.

Talk with the man from the Circhester hotel

At the front entry of that hotel, a building with lots of flags. Go there and then take the elevator up a floor. In the room on the far left of the building you find multiple people. There’s a person dressed like a doctor.

He is the one that gave you the catching charm in the game. He will check if you completed the pokedex, and if you did, he gives you the Shiny Charm in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

In case you got the expansion pass, you can go to the Crown Tundra and there you have a Max Lair with the Dynamax Adventures. Here you can have a chance from 1/100 to get a shiny, which is super high. So yes, it will take a lot of hard work to complete the pokedex and acquire your shiny charm in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

But it’s a lot of fun too, since you get to learn more about every pokemon and their habitat as you try to catch them. Use this set of tips, and you will have no problem getting the charm and those shiny pokemon!