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How To Make Glass Blocks In Minecraft?



How To Make Glass Blocks In Minecraft?

Crafting a glass block in Minecraft is actually really easy. In fact, it one the elements in Minecraft which you cannot recover once you break it. Just like normal glass.

When I first played, Minecraft, I was very curious to know how to create a glass too. Because without glass, no matter what be build, things are going to look very ugly. Wooden blocks, cobblestones are great but add a couple of glass panes and you will find a really great looking house.

The process to make glass blocks in Minecraft.

Glass in Minecraft comes from sand and I discovered it only after a week or two while playing it. The reason being, I was trying to figure out things by myself but it turned out, Minecraft is just a too deep game.

1. Collect sand but use a shovel

The first step is to collect sand. You can find sand almost everywhere in Minecraft, however, you need to go to regions where there is water or ocean.

You’ll find tons of sand in the areas of desert. In fact, you’ll only find sand there!.

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Use a Shovel and I highly, recommend shovel because it just makes digging sand much much faster. You’ll easily be able to collect 64 blocks of sand within minutes.

2. Get coal and some cobblestone

The second step is to get some coal and some cobblestone. Coal is usually found in caves and mountains. The best way to quickly get some coal is to find a pre made caves in Minecraft.

There are several places where you can find them, those places are already open and dug for you. You’ll also find lots of iron and if you go deeper, you may even find diamonds!.

I’d recommend getting at least 10 to 15 blocks of coal as you never know when you might need coal. As for Cobblestone, you can quickly grab 30 blocks and the reason why you need cobblestone is because you have to first craft Furnace.

3. Craft Furnace

The next step is pretty straight forward however, if you are a total newbie, I can understand even the simplest stuff can seem very complicating.

Here all you need to do is grab a bunch of cobblestones to craft a Furnace and add it to you inventory.

Crafting a furnace is simple as ABCD, open your recipe table and book, grab 8 blocks of Cobble Stone and place it in those boxes as shown above.

The result is that you get a Furnace which you can drag and add it to your inventory.

4. Use the Furnace and coal to melt Sand that turns into Glass blocks.

The last step and probably the most boring step in my opinion is to use the furnace and coal to melt the sand that turns into Glass blocks. But let me warn you that it does take some time to melt and get 64 blocks of glass so you might have to be a little patient.

Open your Furnace and add some blocks of coal to it. Next, add some sand on top of the coal and it should melt all the sand into Glass in some time.

Once you have the glass ready, you can use it to make several amazing items & blocks. Especially, if you are doing a big project then a bunch of glass in your inventory can be very useful to you.


So that was it guys, this is how you make glass in Minecraft. I hope this article helped you a lot. If you were new to Minecraft then congrats, you just learned a new recipe.

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