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How to Solve Music Box Puzzle in Resident Evil Village?



The Music Box Puzzle is essentially one of the most important Puzzles, you’ll ever be solving in Resident Evil Village. This is not because you will find some legendary loot out there, or a weapon of massacre to destroy those nasty zombies. However, you’ll find a very important item out there called “Tweezers”.

The Music Box Puzzle can be found on House Beneviento, the box is opened using the Winding Key. The puzzle essentially consist of cylinders that can be rotated. Unlike, a regular code lock, there aren’t any codes here in this Music box which makes solving the puzzle extremely difficult for first timers.

The solution to the puzzle lies not in the sequence of the position of the cylinders as a matter of fact, all cylinders look the same!. They are dotted all over the place and many may assume that they have to figure out the correct sequence of dots in order to solve the puzzle which is not the way actually.

The secret to solving the Music Box Puzzle actually lies in the minute detail that most players miss. It is the scratches that’s there on the Cylinders that needs to be aligned in a specific position. A very subtle detail that even I missed but ultimately, thanks to YouTube, I found the correct sequence and alignment of the scratches that would unlock the Music Box.

Solving the Music Box Puzzle in Resident Evil Village

Once you get your hands on the Puzzle, you will notice the scratch marks on the Music Box. If you look closely, the scratch marks are pretty confusing too. It’s really hard to figure out what the sequence of the scratch marks are even after finding out about it.

Here’s the solution, first use the Winding Key and insert it into the Music Box. This will allow you to rotate the Music Box and finally unlock it after putting the scratch marks in correct position. Now, there are three scratch marks that you have to align. The first one is in a upward direction, the second one is in the middle in the down ward direction and the last one again in a upward direction. Take a look at the image below for reference.

As you can see, the solution to the puzzle is actually pretty simple once you figure it out, however, if you are like me and tried it yourself, it can take a good amount of time to figure this out. Once you’ve open it, the couple on the top of the box will start rotating and it will unlock itself.

So, there you have it, this is the solution to the Music Box Puzzle in Resident Evil Village.

What’s inside the Music Box?

Once you’ve successfully unlocked the Music Box, you will receive an item called “Tweezers”. While, it may just be a simple utility item but it’s actually a very important item for future quests. Tweezers are used to extract other important items from dead bodies in Resident Evil Village. This is absolutely a very useful item and you just need to get it.