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Gaming is so much fun, when you know the best commands and how to use them. Here you will learn some of the coolest console commands on minecraft and how to use them. Command blocks on minecraft are so great, you can even summon the weather if you wish to. If you want command blocks, it won’t be in your grafting menu, you will have to set it up yourself. So, we are going to show you how to give yourself a command block. Some of the basic commands on minecraft are: minecraft clone command, minecraft effect command, minecraft play sound command, minecraft enchant command and minecraft kill command. Below are tips on how to use these commands perfectly and enjoy your amazing minecraft console.

  • Minecraft clone command: in order to set up the minecraft clone command, key in the following:

/clone<x1><y1><z1> <x2><y2><z2> <x><y><z>

If you intend to build a city, it is quite important for you to make use of this command. This is because, you many need to duplicate multiple buildings to various areas. Your start point is <x1><y1><z1>, the end would be <x2><y2><z2> while the area where you want to position the cloned house will be <x><y><z>.

  • Minecraft effect command: to set up this command, type:

/effect <player> <effect> [seconds] [amplifier] [hideParticles]

This effect adds your required effect to a specific player. You can decide to make use of any of her effects in the bracket. You can choose to change the length, the strength of the effect or whether the effect shows as particles. If you wish to undo the effect type – “/effect <player> clear”.

  • Minecraft play sound command: Type: /playsound <sound> <player>

This command gives a particular sound file to various action within the game. There are a couple of sound files you can choose from. Checkout the various sound files and select one whenever you need to.

  • Minecraft enchant command: Type – /enchant <player> <enchantment ID. [level]

This effect adds your required enchantment to the item in the player’s possession. Any enchantment you wish to add to the player will appear once you enter the commands. you could make an item sharp or bane.

  • Minecraft kill command: to enable this command, type – /kill. This automatically kills everything on your world, including your player. However, you can choose to save your player and kill another by typing “/kill <player>.