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Minecraft: How to Build a Nether Portal?



How to Build a Nether Portal in Minecraft?

The Nether Portal is like the dark side of Minecraft. Its the underworld, hell like environment where oceans are filled with Lava and you’ll see stronger enemies, Skeletons with heavy armor and ruthless horrific zombies who are no more too nice like those Greens one’s you normally encounter.

There are lots of interesting things to explore in the Nether world. First of all, you get better loot by killing enemies, lots of valuable resources and so much more. While, before heading towards the nether world, you need to absolutely prepared. And I mean it because there will be hordes of enemies out there trying to hunt you down.

Its not like those green zombies who get stuck in front of a wall and you just laugh at them. Man, in the Nether world, the enemies are real, they are hunters, cannibals, mega-zombies and sometimes, when you bring no armor, you are just 2 shots kill for them.

Let’s get straight to it, if you want to just experiment, you can build the Nether portal easily without digging up any resources by enabling cheats. This is just for your own experiment and trial so that next time, when you play the survival mode, you know how to build the portal by yourself.

How to Build a Nether Portal in Minecraft?

So, before we get into the actual construction phase, let me tell you a little about the framework of the Nether Portal. A Nether Portal is made out of a total of 14 blocks of obsidian. So you need exactly 14 Obsidian perfectly constructed in 5×4 arrangement. This means 4 blocks of Obsidian on the bottom, 4 blocks on the top and 5 blocks on each sides. If you count the total number of blocks, it should be equal to 14.

You’ll get a vertical rectangular empty space that needs to be activated. That activation is done by building the item called “Flint and Steel”. Using this item, you will turn the hollow space into a sort of purple magical glass like wall, when you enter it, your screen will wobble and you will enter the Nether world.

I am sure, immediately, you find 4 to 7 hordes of enemies of out, and they will chase you down, until you die. Also, when you drop your items in the Nether world, you can enter the same Nether Portal and you will enter the same exact location in the Nether world. You will find your items where your enemies had killed you. The problem is, you will need to farm up again and build your armor, inventory and weapons.

Building the Nether Portal (Basic Framework and Cheats Enabled).

In the cheats mode, its just easier to get resources. This is the reason why I recommend you to try out the Nether Portal in the Cheats mode.

Start MineCraft in Cheats Mode enabled.

Once you enter the World, Press the slash button on your keyboard “/”. This will open the console to enter the cheats.

Next enter the following commands on the Cheats Console.

  • give @your_minecraft_username minecraft:obsidian 14
  • give @your_minecraft_username minecraft:flint_steel 1

You should now have 14 Obsidian Blocks and 1 Flint and Steel in your inventory.

Build a 4 Block Obsidian Base

Just take 4 blocks of Obsidian and place them in this manner as represented in the picture below.

Next Build 5 blocks from both the sides left and right

The structure should look something like this.

Move your way upwards and fill in the top gaps with 2 more additional blocks.

Here the main structure of your nether portal is ready. Once you place 5 blocks on each sides, you will need to fill the 2 more blocks on the top.

As you can see, it’s beautiful and this is the frame that you want to make.

Now remember, that you can’t just make any size of Nether Portal. Meaning, you can’t have a structure that has 6 blocks on the sides and 5 on the bottom and top. That portal will not work.

This means, the total Obsidian Blocks must be 14 and the structure must be made from those 14 blocks.

After this it is pretty simple.

Swap out to your Flint and Steel. Press the Left-Mouse Button near the Portal and this will activate the Portal.

The hollow black rectangular space should now turn Purple in color and you’ll notice some sparkles.

Entering the Nether Portal

Once you enter the Nether Portal, you’ll notice your screen shaking in a sort of magical manner. The next thing you know, you are in a completely different world. Here, its like you gone underground or to some another place in Minecraft. Its really fun here but it is also very dangerous. You have to be prepared in terms of Armor, weapons and bring enough food incase if you need to recover health while running away from enemies.

How do you build a nether portal without diamonds in Minecraft?

Or How do you build a Nether Portal in Minecraft from scratch. This is going to take some time and here I will actually teach you how you can create Obsidian Blocks using Lava, Water and a Bucket. It’s pretty complicated for now but you’ll soon understand how these things work.

Resource Requirements for Nether Portal

  • Lava source
  • Water Source
  • Iron Bucket
  • A Bunch of Cobble Stones, maybe 64
  • Flint and Steel
  • Iron ingot, may be 10 – 15
  • Iron Pickaxe

How is Obsidian Formed in Mnecraft? : Obsidian is formed in Minecraft when Lava comes in contact with water. Fortunately, just like earth, Minecraft has lots of sources of water and lava. You’ll find lava almost everywhere in Minecraft and water is also very easily accessible.

First thing get some Iron Ores, some cobble stones, wood. Easy to farm them, just get into any cave after you’ve farmed some wood and you’ll find lots of Iron Ores inside the cave. Additionally, you’ll also need some coal incase if you haven’t farmed enough wood.

Coal is used to extract Iron Ingot from the Iron ores. This is done by burning the coal in a furnace which will break down the Iron Ores to extract Iron Ingot from it.

Building a furnace is also simple, just get some Cobblestones and open the Recipe book, you’ll easily find the formula there.

Once inside the furnace, get atleast 10 to 15 Iron Ingots. You’ll probably need them a lot in the future.

Build a Iron bucket: Iron Bucket is used to carry water and you can go near a water source and fill the Iron Bucket with water. The formula for building an Iron Bucket is simple. You just need three Iron Ingots and place them in this position given below in your crafting table.

The end result is you will get a Iron Bucket.

Build a Pickaxe: I think this is easy for all but will still tell you guys the procedures. Essentially, remember like I told you that you will need some Iron Ingots, this is the exact reason why. Because you will also need to build yourself a Iron Pickaxe and that will cost some iron. The recipe is simple, 2 Wood sticks and three Iron Ingots. You will need the Pickaxe to breakdown some Cobblestones.

Get Flint: Getting Flint is easy. Just get inside a cave, find a block of gravel and start breaking down those nasty paper blocks. You’ll soon find some drops of Flint upon breaking down and that you will need to build the required Flint and Steel. However, you’ll probably need a shovel to break down those gravel blocks.

Building Flint & Steel: Building Flint and steel is also very easy. Just open your crafting table and place Flint and 1 Iron Ingot in this position mentioned below. You’ll end with Flint and Steel and you can keep that in your inventory.

So, now you are pretty much ready with everything. Now the hard and complicated part comes and that is building the structure of Obsidian and actually turning lava and water into Obsidian blocks.

I know, and I understand, this can be confusing but trust me, once you do it, next time it will be easy for you. Just remember to have the required materials, equipment and resources mentioned above ready.

Steps to build a Nether Portal Manually: Reference:

1. Find a place for the Nether Portal: To make things easier for you, find a place near a lava and water source.

2. Building the Mold: Next you need to build a mold using cobblestone. The structure will be a 3×6 rectangular structure on the ground.

3. Fill the mold with lava: Next, use the bucket and fill it with lava. Now pour the lava into the mold. You’ll have a single line of lava that will be four blocks long.

4. Fill the mold with Water: Now once you’ve filled the mold with lava, get to a water source and fill your bucket with water. Now pour the water into the mold filled with lava. This should turn the Lava blocks into Obsidian.

5. “On either end, build a column with a 1 block opening directly over the obsidian blocks. This is how we build the sides of the nether portal.” -Windows Central

6. Repeat the steps 3 and 4.

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 two more times.

8. Now the top part of the Nether Portal, build a bridge railing. Pour lava on top of that and repeat steps 3 and 4 once more.

9. Lastly, the Nether Portal is now ready.

To activate the Nether Portal, just switch to Flint and Steel and go near the portal and click on it. The Portal should Turn Purple.

Lastly, you don’t really have to go through this process as I know it sounds very complicated. You can actually use the Diamond Pickaxe to mine Obsidian blocks. Obsidian Blocks are found everywhere in Minecraft in certain locations. Especially locations where there are lots of water and lava. Like this one below.

You may have come across such places in Minecraft where there is a chest with some good interesting loot and a incomplete Nether Portal. You can just use the Diamond Pickaxe to mine the Obsidian and collect upto 14 of those. Then, all you need is to build the structure and use Flint and Steel to activate it.