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The 6 Most Hated Missions in GTA Series




Grand Theft Auto is a game that we love so much. Right from Grand Theft Auto China Town Wars, GTA San Andreas and those Strip Clubs and Finally Grand Theft Auto V. It has been a wonderful journey and some amazing gaming experiences, lots of fun, killing, completing missions and today we are still hopelessly waiting for GTA VI.

Sadly, I doubt, it will ever be released but Long live The GTA V.

GTA V has already been running for more than 8 years now and seriously, the Rockstar games is still earning billions of dollars from the game till today.

This just tells us How crazy people are for GTA.

Today, what we are going to be talking about is some of the most hated missions in Grand Theft Auto Series right from the first GTA till GTA V. These are some of the worst GTA missions to ever get into and if you are at one, I’d just say Good Luck!.

Without further Ado, Here are 20 Most Hated Missions in GTA.

1. Supply Lines Mission in GTA San Andreas

If you think, playing Dark Soul 2 was hard, try this mission in GTA San Andreas.

Not only does it require absolute flying skills to complete this mission, but you also need to have accurate shooting skills.

“Now that’s sounds easy, I play PUBG everyday, and I have a global rank in CS:GO”

Well, that’s good to hear but it’s not really shooting using weapons but in this mission, you have to kill 5 targets, using the plane’s submachine gun. And it only shoots in one direction!. The direction that you turn the plane to.

Worst of all, the targets are in vehicles in different locations of the map. You have to kill them before they do their deliveries.

Even worse, you have limited fuel!.

You call this hard, I call this PURE HELL!.

2. The Driver – GTA Vice City

Probably, one of the hardest missions in GTA series.

It’s a simple race with Ken Rosenberg, most common character you will see in GTA Vice City.

However, Racing is fine, but racing with raging cops and a tuff opponent can be a nightmare.

That’s exactly why this mission takes several tries to take.

Worst of all, you don’t even get a race car. You get a decent car while you opponent gets a super fast muscle car.

3. Death Row – GTA Vice City

As the name suggests, it is exactly what this mission is all about. You will probably fail this mission in a row several times before you pass it.

In this mission, your objective is to save Lance, however, it comes with a tough challenge. Lance’s health keeps on decreasing and you just have enough time to reach where Lance is kidnapped.

The place where Lance is Kidnapped is really far already and it really takes a long time to reach there. On top of that, you have really less time.

The story doesn’t end here, once you reach the place where Lance is Kidnapped, you’ll face several enemies that you have to defeat and kill.

And the worst part, you will have to take back Lance and get him to the hospital before he dies. While doing so, more enemies chase you and only God knows, how you’ll ever complete this mission.

4. Derailed – GTA V

If you are a fan of the Fast and the Furious Movie series, especially, Fast & Furious 7, then this mission is no less than that of a crazy bike & car jumps in that movie.

Firstly, you’d have to have amazing bike riding skills, meaning really good skills. You have to go towards the train and catch up with Michael riding the bike as Trevor.

Then once, you reach the train, you will have to ride the bike along the train lines in a very narrow space. Then again ride on top of a cliff, and do a really high jump to land perfectly on top of the train maintaining good balance.

However, it’s not over yet, you have now drive the bike on top of the train and reach the main engine of the train while the train is speeding at a really high speed.

Well, if you’ve managed to do all of that, congrats, but now you will have to change the character and drive the boat where Michael is currently riding and then catch up with Trevor. After which you’ll have lots of enemies to defeat, with snipers hiding in spots that can’t be seen and aggressive helicopters and boats.

This mission is actually very fun to do but at the same time, it is also insanely hard, one mistake and you do the mission once again.

5. Wrong Side of the Tracks – GTA San Andreas

Chasing a train in GTA V Derailed Mission sounded easy and you nailed it, try the Wrong side of the tracks mission in GTA San Andreas.

It also gave rise to a famous quote by Big Smoke, “All you had to do was follow the Damm Train CJ”. The irony is that this quote became famous because players just couldn’t pass this mission on their first try. It was so hard and they would hear this quote by Big Smoke over and over again until it actually got worldwide fame.

In this mission, CJ has follow the train and kill the 4 enemies that are on top of the train. He has to do this while riding the mountain bike and he has to shoot them from the side.

It takes, immense patience, practice and worse pin point accuracy to kill these bad boys on top of the train.

I bet you anyone who does this mission for the first time will have a really hard time shooting just one bullet to hit them.

6. Coyote Cross Country Triathlon – GTA V

This mission in GTA V is not hard. In fact, it is one of the easiest missions in the game. But why do gamers hate it so much?

The pure reason is because this mission takes forever to complete.

Get prepared for at least 35 minutes of swimming and riding a bicycle. That alone in a lonely place riding uphills, and worst of all, we all know how slow the bicycle is. This mission is about a very long marathon that tests, Trevor’s stamina. Well, that very ironic to imagine Trevor as an athlete. At least, if this mission was done by Franklin, it would make total sense but Trevor?

Firstly, you’d have to swim through a boring lake for 8 to 12 minutes straight contesting against other players. The rest is just a very long bicycle ride so make sure to grab a cup of coffee & snacks and go to the toilet before you do this mission.


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