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Top 10 Nintendo Switch Tips And Tricks 2021



Nintendo Switch Tips And Tricks

Nintendo Switch is one of the best hand consoles of all time. Infact, Sony has tried its level best to create something powerful like Nintendo Switch yet optimized and guess what, it has failed over and over again. Because building something that has amazing graphics, gameplay, but also optimized for a small hand console is hard.

That’s what Nintendo Switch is all about. We all know about PSP and PS vita and to some extent, they were great consoles. They hosted amazing games but ultimately, they had to shed some of their power and hardware and ultimately impacting the graphics of the games because it’s just hard to put Title AAA games into a small device. They wanted Ultra graphics in a small device and that’s not possible.

For some years, we saw Nintendo DS, with pixel graphics but Nintendo is smart, they didn’t cap or tap into the Title AAA games market. The Nintendo DS was all about arcade, retro games and therefore, pixel graphics were just fine. Infact, people loved them. That’s why retro gamers are just crazy for Pokemon.

With the Nintendo Switch, things got even better and for the year 2020, its one of the best made consoles of all time.

So, in this article we will talk about some of the best ways to get the most out of your Nintendo Switch.

1. Expand your storage, Get More From Nintendo Switch.

If you’ve just bought your Nintendo Switch, get a Micro SD card. The reason being unfortunately the Switch only comes with 32 GB of internal storage which is not at all enough to play many games like Dragon Quest Heroes.

Sure, you will easily be able to Mario Kart or Zelda but later on you might just be running out of storage.

You can get large-capacity microSD cards for relatively little cash these days, and depending on the speed, you might already have a compatible card.

2. Turn Off Wi-Fi to save battery

It’s fun to play games with friends online but when you are playing games offline and wondering why your battery is going so quickly, it could definitely be the Wi-Fi that’s consuming your battery for no reason.

When your internet is on, background processes will still take place and that can actually cost you a ton of performance issues followed by battery drainage. Some users actually found that turning off the Wi-Fi auto-connect can save quite lot of battery.

3. Lost Your Joy-Cons- There’s an Easy way to Find them

This may or may not be similar to “Find your iPhone feature” on Apple devices but I can surely tell you that it is way better than that.

Nintendo Switch has a handy feature that enables you to find you Joy-Cons very easily. To be honest, it’s not a genius feature or crazy batmobile treasure hunting device that will find your Joy-Cons. But instead, on your Nintendo Switch, when you select “Controllers”, from the root menu, then click on “Find controllers.”

The paired Joy-Cons will start making buzzing sounds until you eventually find them. It’s a simple way to find devices, yet it is also the most genius thing ever.

4. Nintendo Switch Malfunctioning?, Here’s a solution.

If you switch is not working properly, maybe it is booting up very slowing or suddenly shutting down, lagging then there is a simple solution to that. It called the “Recovery Mode for Nintendo Switch”.

In order for you to boot your switch in recovery mode, you need to hold down the volume up and down buttons at the same time and then press the power button. 

Note: You need to be sure that your Switch is completely turned off while you get into recovery mode.

5. Turn on Dark Mode

Ironically, Dark Mode on any device just looks awesome and on Nintendo Switch, it just looks magical.

You can easily turn on the Dark Mode on Nintendo Switch by going to System Settings then Themes and after then you just need to select Basic Black.

6. Make a Mii

Mii avatars are alive and kicking, and on the Switch console you can make some of your own. Navigate to System Settings > Mii > Create / Edit you Mii after which you can customize your own appearance. 

You will be able to create your own avatar in the same manner. For starters, you can actually  include your Mii character in Super Smash Bros gameplay.

7. Fighting the Big Boss – Screen Capture your Gameplay.

Thanks to the capture button on the left Joy-Con, it’s makes it easy to capture images in the game. Tap it anywhere and take a screenshot that saves the album on the home screen of the console. Such photos can then be modified and shared on social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook.

Although the system is not capable of recording significant amounts of gameplay, you can still record short video clips. Hold down the grab button and the Switch will save the 30 seconds of gameplay from before you hit the button. It’s enough to save a cool boss fight moment.

8. Transfer Save Data

Don’t be afraid to borrow that Switch. You can transfer save data from one device to another if you have acquired a ton of progress on another switch. You can do this by going to System Settings> Users > transfer your user and save data transfer.

You need to link to an another switch on  the same Wifi network with both of them connected to a power source. The game file is removed from the original switch and transferred into the new switch once you go through the process.

9. Access the Secret Web Browser on Nintendo Switch

Amazed! A secret web browser inside the console is featured and hidden in the nintendo switch. Go to  system settings >Internet > Internet settings and then select the WiFi network to which you are connected. 

On the settings page for the network, Select Change and then choose DNS Settings and change it from the automatic to  manual. Choose the Primary DNS, set it to and save the changes.

Just try connecting again to your network, and the Switch will let you know that you need to register. Choose Next to see the SwitchBru DNS page and from here you can select to gain access to Google.

10. Get the Most Out of Your Switch

If you want the most out of your Switch, considering getting additional battery backups, a screen protector and a case. Check out some of the amazing cool accessories for Nintendo Switch below.

1. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

2. amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector

3. Orzly Carry Case

4. Samsung Evo Select 256GB – 400 GB

5. Satisfye SwitchGrip

6. ZeroLemon Extended Charging Case

Additionally, you can even get your Joy-Cons, skinned if you wish to if you don’t like those bright blue, red, yellow colors, you can opt for a carbon-fiber skin too!.

One of the best things to do for your Switch is to get an additional battery backup for your Switch that can extend your capacity up to 10,000 mAh.

When it comes to internet connectivity, although the WiFi works just fine if you need that speed, then consider the option for getting an Ethernet adapter, especially if you plan to play online. You can just bump up your speeds to over 100Mbps to 1000 Mbps!.

Lastly, get a screen protector as it saves you a ton of pain when your switch falls by accident. It’s just helpful and wards off all the scratches.