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TMNT Mutant Madness Review




The game Mutant Madness presents the entire features which a TMNT fan would need. Ninja turtles famous characters from teenage mutant, rapid combats, and a novel adventure that makes you create a team of your preferred characters such as Leatherhead, Jones, Shredder, Casey, April, Splinter, and definitely the best foursome cowabunga!

Some features of Mutant Madness gameplay feel resembling to idle RPGs but it cannot be considered as a complete idle game. There are automatic combats, skill upgrades, character updates, and a “Lair” that is redolent of the game Fallout shelter.

Still, while you are not playing the game the lair still generates resources automatically. In this article, we will review the TMNT Mutant Madness game and explain why it is very popular.

Combat and Gameplay

TMNT Mutant Madness has an automatic battle feature which is similar to idle RPGs. The characters in which you choose fights on their own in battle. The game has the option to fully automate the fights but you still have the option to not fully automate it by clicking the “Auto” button off. When you turn it off the fights won’t be automatic anymore.

The main thing to note here is that even if you turn off the “Auto” button the game will still be semi-automatic you will have some controls on your team. This includes deciding when the character should use “Super Skill” while fighting. When some characters use a super skill the game will be paused and only the character which had used the skill will be moving and showing his super skill.

This makes the game combat more interesting to watch. The super skills of the characters can be seen when their energy levels are filled by clicking on the portraits of each character. Another important thing which you could do during battle is to decide the formation of the team and change the positions according to where they seem to play best.

There are roles in the game (Skirmisher, Tank, Trickster, Brawler, Support, and Blaster). Each of these roles has an exclusive style of playing during the battle for example blaster has the ability to deal with damage from long distance or skirmisher has the ability to penetrate the back row due to its high mobility by initiation a sudden attack on enemies. You can decide the positions for each of these roles to make sure of a fantastic win.

The features which make the game more engaging are the characters because all the characters have some kind of personal skills that are unique. You will love the combat of these characters if you are a TMNT follower. You can call a character but you need hero bits and hero bits can be earned by finishing missions. If you need a 2-star hero you must need 1000 hero bits.

TMNT The Game

Mutant Madness is based on a story so you won’t get bored while playing it. When you beat the mini-bosses in the game the story will start with small cut scenes similar to comic book style.

Each journey has multiple missions and rewards are granted when you complete them such as hero bits are given which are used to call characters, ooze is given to training characters; scrap is given to upgrade or build lair rooms.

By completing all the missions at the end which you will get a special reward that unlocks a TMNT special character.

The Lair Feature

If you have played a Fallout shelter then most probably after watching the lair you will feel like it is the same as the underground rooms of the bunker in Fallout. The lair contains multiple rooms that create many resources; special features are unlocked such as PvP mode and clan. In the PvP mode, you can combat with other online players to win rewards. Ooze, crystals, and scraps are produced every hour from resource-producing rooms.

Resources still keep producing even if you are not combating or playing the game. That’s what is called the piece of this game which is “idle”. By watching the advertisement you can boost the rate for resource production in lair rooms as well as rewards are increased which you win after combat missions.

Boosters and Hero Bundles

The game contains paid bundles and boosters but it is not necessary to purchase them unless you want some of your favorite characters or to upgrade something straight away.

You can continue playing the game without buying these bundles. IAPs will only appear one time when the game is opened for the first of them after that you will not see them. But if you want to buy these boosters or hero bundles you can access them by clicking on the crate present on the home screen.


TMNT Mutant Madness is a pretty good game that TMNT fans will surely like. The game is almost comparable to idle RPGs however the battles in it are outstanding. Characters have good graphics which makes it more realistic to watch while their skills make it more fun to play. The Lair in the game adds a new feature that lets us connect to other players by battling with them.

Graphics and character models are professional just as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game. In general, this game contains all which is needed to make it an enjoyable game and I would genuinely recommend TMNT fans to play it.