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Top 10 Ghost of Tsushima Combat Tips I’d Wish I knew Before Finishing the Game



Ghost of Tsushima, there is no doubt, it is one of those games that is just amazing to look at. You feel like a samurai while playing it and after graduating from the game, who knows you might actually become a samurai.

However, so good the game maybe, combat is one thing where things can go hay wire.

I mean the game is great, and it’s really about being a samurai. Which just means that, just like you can cut enemies in one to two slashes and defeat them on an instant, they can do the same to you.

One wrong move and you become the satisfying prey for your enemies who takes pleasure by cutting you with his sword and mocks you by bowing before your dead corpse by bowing before you. It’s unlike other games where you just hack and slash or take blows from enemies and you still don’t die. Here, you can die in one shot.

Just like what you enjoy doing the most.

Fortunately, here are some amazing combat tips, that I have gathered and after playing the game in a more detailed manner myself.

I am sure these tips are definitely going to help you fight better and more easily.

1. Don’t mash

So, here the first one, don’t mash or so called “Hack and Slash”.

Look I get it, I know many of you guys may be tempted to just use quick attacks and destroy opponents with your fury and rage.

However, remember, “You are a samurai and you are against a samurai”. However, weak they may be, they are still trained as a samurai. At least, that’s what developers put into their A.I.

So, they are going to block all your attacks and while you are off Guard hacking and slashing, you give your enemies a chance to strike you with one hit or two hit K.O’s.

And that’s exactly what happens all the time. It’s not like dragon ball Z or Naruto where you use the Rock Lee’s 8 Trigrams 64 Palms and some weird Sasuke Ninjitsu to blow away your opponents.

Come on, it’s the real world samurai and here, it’s some serious stuff that you are playing around with.

Therefore, instead of mashing, try to find opportunities of your enemies getting off guard to when they are trying to attack you. Then dodge their attack and hit them with one to two hit combos.

2. Archers, they’re annoying – Kill them first

Archers in Ghost of Tsushima aren’t weak toys to play around with. Not like Clash of Clans where Archers are pretty put two hit kills or in any other game where they die more easily.

Practically speaking, Archers naturally have low health and armour.

But not in Ghost of Tsushima.

Here, Archers are some how very skilled and trained. They can attack you from directions, you’ve never thought of or imagined and they play the hide and seek game with you.

They have insane accuracy and some of them can even poison you which can be a lethal thing.

Therefore, you should prioritise the archers first in any combat and kill them quickly. As they can be very distracting to deal with, especially when you are fighting against swordsmen, their arrows can make you off guard making you vulnerable to enemies strikes and sudden lethal K.O’s.

Fortunately, archers are easy to kill. They cannot defend your attacks and they go down in two to three strikes.

3. Stand Off’s

Over the course of the game as you progress, learning to make a perfect stand off move becomes very important.

Stand off’s are essentially a position where you can easily make a one hit K.O slash. Provided that you do it at the right timing and when the opponent becomes off guard.

When you face enemies, they will try to trick you in combat. But what you can do is watch their feet.

As they start moving forward, you can then strike with a standoff blow to finish your opponent in one strike. Sometimes, it can take two strikes if the opponent has heavy armour.

4. Slow Down Time

Just like in Need for Speed Carbon, Prince of Persia or Max Payne where you had the ability to slow down time. During that time, it was really cool to play around with that feature. It made the game much more easy and fun to play.

In Ghost of Tsushima, slow mo or so called in the game “Slow Down Time” is even better and I think it is more tactical and combat oriented. It’s still one of the best slow motion modes among any other games.

With slow down time, you slow the time down, giving you some advantage in the combat to analyze opponents, observe which opponents are about to strike and plan your next target and strike.

What I like to do is to use the slow the time as soon as I hit a fatal blow upon an opponent.

Because this is the time when, we get off guard and when enemies get the chance to strike us.

You can quickly see the opponent who are about to attack you, and you can then attack your next move or dodge the attack if necessary.

5. Ability Tree or Technique TreeWhich one though?

While playing Ghost of Tsushima, it can be overwhelming to just select which technique to upgrade. There are lots of ability upgrades and depending upon which one you’d like to upgrade, it can get confusing.

But when it came to my own personal experience, regardless of what you upgrade, make sure that you quickly move forward and complete the deflection technique.

Because as you progress through the game, blocking attacks becomes one of the most important skill.

Especially, against archers, who can be really annoying if you are not able to block their attacks. With the deflection skill tree upgraded, you will be able to block unblockable attacks which is extremely helpful in combat that would otherwise cost your life.

6. Stealth

If you really want to be pro at Ghost of Tsushima, the way to getting there is using stealth as much as possible.

When you first start the game in the beginning, it’s important to put your skill points in the Deflection tree. However, if you are going to go stealth mode, make sure to put some into Assassination and Focused hearing skills.

Because with stealth, you can easily kill opponents in 1 shot K.O. Meaning this will leave you with less enemies to deal with when there are large troops to fight with.

With far hearing and killers instinct combined, you can fly through enemies without being seen. This is insanely helpful to knockdown enemies and reduce their numbers.

You can also get the “Charm of Hoori-no-mikoto” that gives you a special ability to stay hidden from enemies while you are in grass.

7. Dressed to Kill

Ghost of Tshshima comes with many different varieties of armor. Armor’s in Ghost of Tsushima serve a big purpose in the game. Depending upon what situation you are in, different armor can help you in different situations.

That’s why in Ghost to Tsushima, it’s recommended that you switch your armor depending upon the situation.

By completing the Legend of Tadayori challenge, you can get the Tadayori’s armor. Tadayori was known to be a legendary archer. Getting his armor will greatly increase your archery skills and gives you some amazing archer perks. Like reloading, and headshot perks that can increase your concentration.

Want to search for items, use the travellers armor that can help you in finding items. It gives you perks such as clearing the fog by 50%. Want to be a stealth champion, use the Ronin Attire that can reduce enemy detection by 20% and gives you increased melee damage.

Just like this there are tons of armor in Ghost of Tsushima. It’s really a great way to use different armor according to different situations. And here the game is designed in such a way that you can switch armor even while you are in middle of a fight.

In simple, don’t just use one armor just because it has high damage absorption and stats. Use the variety to your advantage and soon you will find that even the Traveller’s armor is so important in the game.