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Top 5 PlayStation 5 Games to Expect in 2021



With the introduction of the Play station 5, the stage is set for the ninth gaming generation. The console brings with it a collection of amazing games. Some of these games comes are already in existence while the rest will be played for the first time with the console. The console comes with super speed as compared to other preceding consoles. Although we know that the PS5 will be coming with lot of games, here are some to look out for. So for this list we will be considering the games you should consider when these consoles lunch. They include:

Ghostwire: Tokyo –

The game involves fighting lots of slender men-like figures and headless school girls with mystical powers. The game is certainly more on the stylistic side and it appears that we may even get a chance to travel through the hunted Tokyo on a motorcycle. The visuals is superb and would keep your hands on your controls for hours. The PS5 console provides great and easy gaming features that makes the game more interesting.

Little Devil Inside –

Little Devil Inside is an open world survival adventure game that appears to be making use of the PS5 hardware while retaining its unique art style. The setting is that (you) the player has been recruited by your college professor to embark on a dangerous expedition. This expedition is to catalogue and bring back dangerous monsters.


The simple fact that we will get to assassinate wealthy socialites at the top of skyscrapers in Dubai is tempting. 2021 cannot come sweet enough. Hope you are not afraid of heights, this may stop you from enjoying this exciting game. Get ready to be swept off your feet with this amazing game.

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart –

This game’s main feature is the ability to travel through various dimensions instantly. This feature seems to be quiet difficult on other hardware. That’s not all, the game also features a little robotic creature shooting its way through various stages and surviving various hurdles.

Marvel’s Spider Man 2:

The PS4 seems to have some issues with loading interruptions. However, on this new console, fast travelling only takes a second. The game already looks amazing on the PS4. In PS5, a couple of new gaming elements will be added to the game to make it worthwhile. Spider man 2 is a must play game on the play station 5.