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Top 9 Best Shaders For Minecraft To Make The World Look Better



Minecraft has a series of pluses over other modern games, but there is one thing it lacks – great graphics. The good news is the graphics can now be tweaked to various effects as long as you use the right shaders. Choosing the best shaders is a matter of personal preferences, but all in all, here are the best shaders for Minecraft to get an idea about what to expect.

  1. SEUS×506.jpg

SEUS is a shortcut and represents a massive upgrade to a different pack of shaders. It is the ultimate choice out there and will literally turn the gaming experience to 180 degrees. Lighting is softer than always, but it also looks natural. You can see the gloss as surfaces go wet too.

Clouds are generated in a smart manner and so on. Another good news is this pack is updated on a regular basis, so there will always be something appealing to experience. There are more versions of it out there, so stick to the newest one.

2. Continuum×506.jpg

Continuum used to be the top rated pack of shaders out there and has become the default option for most gamers out there. Once you install the shader, you will notice different effects straight away – different colors, realistic clouds and shadows that change based on the sun position.

Obviously, given such small details, this shader requires a bit of performance. Is it worth it? Absolutely. There is also a lite version for it, yet you will not experience the exact same effects.

3. Kuda×506.jpg

Just like other alternatives, Kuda is mostly focused on the lighting and comes with some visible improvements. However, the sun rays tend to make this shader stand out. The result is so realistic that you will barely be able to tell the difference.

Furthermore, the depth of field is dramatically improved with other effects as well. If you like to screenshot your builds to share them with others, this shader will make everyone jealous. It is both realistic and soft and it will not require too many resources.

4. Nostalgia×506.jpg

The best shaders for Minecraft for some people will not be the same for everyone else. For some, all these modern enhancements might be a bit too much. If you are an old school player, you probably remember what the first shaders used to be like – well, this is exactly what Nostalgia brings in.

This shader has a retro appearance. It does come with a bunch of performance improvements as well, not to mention a few interesting features. It will most likely make the difference at sunset and dawn – a mix of old fashion and realism.

5. Chocopic13×506.jpg

This shader is all about aesthetics. It is beautiful and focused on particular aspects of the game that have always required some improvements. If you want to see some stunning water effects or bright lighting, this shader is what you have always been looking for.

Now, the shader is available in more versions. They normally depend on the game version or rig you have. Some of these versions are light on your device, but others can be quite demanding. Light versions will not impress you, but they require little to no performance at all, so they are great value.

6 ProjectLUMA×506.jpg

ProjectLUMA is similar to KUDA from many points of view. It is based on that shader, but it is rewritten from nothing. It enhances the KUDA experience and provides a top notch attention to detail without ruining the performance – what else can you ask for?

ProjectLUMA offers better value for your performance, but the overall design is not as attractive as what KUDA has in store. However, you will still be impressed, especially in terms of colors, water effects and shades.

7. Sildurs×506.jpg

To old fashioned players, Sildurs is one of the best shaders for Minecraft. It is not new at all, but a classic in this field. It provides great value and can go in more directions. For example, you can have the high end version that provides extremely vibrant colors and lighting, stunning reflections and effects.

The alternative is simpler. You have an enhanced pack of shaders. All the effects are neat and clean. Plus, you can tune the shader down if your game acts funny or starts lagging. Bottom line, there is something for everyone out there.

8. Lagless×505.jpg

Upgrading your computer is probably the best way to up the graphics and benefit from better results and more demanding shaders. But then, this is not always a general rule. You can find shaders that will enhance your Minecraft experience without ruining the performance.

This is when the Lagless shader kicks in. It is a relatively simple shader. However, it stands out with its brightness, beautiful colors and unique textures. Forget about those annoying blocks, as everything will change to 180 degrees. Pay attention to the light at the horizon if you want a nice visual surprise.

9. BSL

BSL has brought in some of the most attractive shaders you can get. It will take the experience to another level, but without ruining your experience. The lighting is what stands out – welcoming, warm and soft. Then, the water is also different – expect more realism and forget about the blocks, as there is less contrast. No matter where you look, there is something special.

BSL is often compared to SEUS because of the high attention to small details. Each of them has its own particularities though. If you are after realism, BSL is the way to go. It changes the whole profile of Minecraft and pushes the adventure further.


Bottom line, these are some of the best shaders for Minecraft out here. While there are lots of options out there, the truth is the above mentioned options are very likely to satisfy your needs, regardless of what you are after.

Each shader comes with something special that makes it stand out. Experience a few different ones before deciding which one is more suitable for you. In terms of installation, all these shaders follow the same overall steps.​