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Watch Dogs: Legion: How To Get The Pig Mask And Euro Gas Mask?




The euro gas mask and pig mask are very interesting and appealing for everyone that wants to enhance their visual appeal in the game. The truth is that it can take a little bit to find these masks, but it’s still pretty interesting to do and it can bring in front a variety of great benefits and results. You just have to take your time and follow the guidelines below so you can find the mask you want.

Getting the Euro gas mask in Watch Dogs: Legion

This mask is dangerous to get. You will have to go to the New Scotland Yard that can be found in Westminster and here you need to go through the back door of the building. The idea here is that you can enter from the parking lot to make things a bit easier for you. As you enter the first office to the left, you will see a holographic model of London.

The mask is actually in the same room, just on the desk that’s in the back right corner. You just have to pick the mask and then add it to the collection. The cool thing is that you can add it to the collection quickly and enjoy using it. The process itself is very impressive, and you are getting a very good experience and value thanks to this, which is always exciting.

You can equip them at the DedSec vending machines, right where you can find new buying options for clothes. Interact with the machine, pick the Wardrobe tab and then select the mask option. You can select all the masks you already own here, which is exciting and a very good idea to take into consideration.

How can you get the pig mask?

They showed this pig mask in most trailers, and it really is a very distinct, different mask. So obviously most of us want to get it as fast as possible and use it. With that in mind, you can get the Watch Dogs: Legion pig mask early on in the game. Restart Deadsec is the second mission in the game and you can easily get the mask then.

The idea here is that you want to enter The Earl’s Fortune safehouse. You can go up the stairs and reach the upper server area. You will notice the mask is in a blue case that can be acquired at the platform’s end. It’s not that hard to get, and you will find it deliver a very good experience.


We encourage you to take your time as you find cool masks scattered all over the game world. These 2 are very popular because they come with a really impressive design. They look amazing and convey that sense of value and quality you can’t really get everywhere else. That being said, it will take a little bit of time to do this properly, just commit to the idea of using it and the results can be very good.