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Watch Dogs Legion: How To Make Money



Watch Dogs Legion How to Make Money

The currency used inside the Watch Dogs: Legion game is called ETO. Now, this ETO is critical to you as it gives you the perfect style. Just like the real world, you need to earn the ETO to buy new and dashing clothes, skins for your weapon, and color upgrades for your car.

The ETO has no direct link in making your skills better, but it makes your avatar look outstanding.

The issue with ETO in the Watch Dogs: Legion game is that it is too hard to earn. It would help if you made some efforts to farm some ETO into your account. Don’t worry! This article will tell you all the possible ways to farm your ETO in the game.

Different Ways To Farm ETO or Money in Watch Dogs Legion

Here are some of the ETO tricks that will earn you a considerably fair amount of ETO:

1. Main and Side Missions:

Watch Dogs Legion: How To Make Money

One way to earn ETO fastly is by playing along with the primary mission of the Watch Dogs: Legion game. The story mode will give you money and be prepared for stricter tasks to earn you more money than normal ones.

Recruiting a character will give a character-specified side mission to it. You can complete those missions to earn some more ETO as well.

2. ETO Caches:

Watch Dogs Legion: How To Make Money

Another way to bag some ETO is by hacking through these ETO caches. There are two of these caches –Skimmer and Safe.

The skimmers are easy to locate and hack. You need your minimap and drone to find them into the boroughs as soon as you find a skimmer starting hacking into it. You can use an auto-pilot car and multi-task by flying the drone and finding a skimmer. Hack as many skimmers as you can as an average skimmer can make you earn almost 300 ETO. 

The other ETO cache is called the safe. It’s not easy to find a safe in the game because they are concealed within high security and restricted buildings. You can find the safe with some tricks, consistency, and some assistance from your drone. Hacking a safe can earn you as much as 1000 ETO.

3. Tower Bridge Drones:

Watch Dogs Legion: How To Make Money

The Tower Bridge has an abundance of parcel drones that include some massive amounts of ETO. This will be the right opportunity. Take the investor with you and start hacking the drones. A hacked drone will throw the parcel on your feet so that you can collect them. Just beware of the red package as it contains explosives that will blow you out.

4. Recruit Members:

Watch Dogs Legion: How To Make Money

The recruiting process in the Watch Dogs: Legion game is fun. Recruit a member and play with them. Their abilities will let you earn more ETO. Equip these operatives as much as you can as the better they become, the more they make money for you. The broker is the one who earns the most of them.

5. Mini-Games

Watch Dogs Legion: How To Make Money

The mini-games in the Watch Dogs: Legion game will earn you a little ETO too. Games like darts, kick-up, parcel fox, bare-knuckle league, and others will help you increase your account.

6. Parcel Fox Deliveries

Watch Dogs Legion: How To Make Money

Become a member of a courier service and deliver parcels all over London and earn some ETO. Be sure not to mess with the fragile packages as they break easily. Deliver them in the best condition to achieve more ETO.

7. Recruiting Missions

Watch Dogs Legion: How To Make Money

Here’s a trick! Navigate a recruit that has a signing bonus and retire them from the team. Then from a distance, recruit them again. Repeat the process to earn lots of ETO.

8. Hacking ATMs

Watch Dogs Legion: How To Make Money

London is a hotspot of ATMs. Find one and hack it for some quick ETO. Its a quick way to get ready to use cash.

Final Lines

I hope that these quick hacks will assist you in farming more ETO and buying you those cool outfits for the game. Cheers!